So, I went to the market Saturday. It is in downtown Kitchener, and I love going there. It never ceases to amaze me, the things I find. Occasionally, my children come with me, but sometimes they sleep in.

Last week, I had a confrontation in the elevator that frustrated me greatly. My cart was full, so I took the elevator down to the parking lot. An elderly lady was in there with me, with her cart as well. The door opened, and this man shoved his way in, making annoying comments about the fact that we were trying to get out. I told him if we did not get out, he would not get in. He disagreed and said we were the ones who were wrong.

I find elevators frustrating. Maybe because I do not take elevators often. I really think that you have to exit first. I do not understand rude people. There will be no room in the elevator unless you let the people exit.

Kind of shallow, but just my thoughts.


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